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Double column, full automatic programmable bandsaw machine. The machine has easy to use PLC programming, the materials feeding is done with shuttle type vices driven with servo motor with high precision. The shuttle vise has standart max. 500 mm single stroke (longer is optional). Good for heavy duty cutting envoirement where high precision is also required. Wide material range of materials from rom softest materials to Inconel, Titanium , Hi Temp alloys. Monitoring and control of blade speed, feed rate, saw height position, cut time and remaining time. Standart split vice results short material remnant thus material waste is reduced. Vice jaws are designed wider to move heavier workpieces stable. Optionally machine can be quipped with carbide saw blades.
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Technicial Specifications
Main Motor
3 KW
Hydraulic Motoru
1,1 KW
Blade Size
5040x34x1,1 mm
Working Height
615 mm
Coolant Motor
0,09 KW
Cutting Speed
20-100 m/dk
Shipping Weight
2050 kg
Working Dimensions
2800x2400x1750 mm
Downloadable Documents
Hardware & Accessories

Derivation cutting sensor

Digital indicator for feeding lenght

Hydraulic  downfeed

Electro variator for blade speed

Hydraulic Blade Tensioning

Blade breakage detection

Coolant pump

Cutting height adjustment

Special design for sawbow

Hydraulic double vice clamping

Hydraulic automatic material feeding

Screw type chip conveyor

Lineer system material feeding

Linear guide column system

Speed control of hydraulic cutting downfeed 2000 mm roller table (UMSO 700-900 HF)

2500 mm roller table (UMSO 1300-1600-2000 HF) Linear guided hydraulic blade guiding arm

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Copyright © Uzay Makina A.Ş. All Rights Reserved.
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