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Uzay Makina Milestone...

  • Uzay Makina started with small workshop for making molds in Istanbul.
    First Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine production.
  • Import of hacksaw blades from Germany.
    First time export to Europe.
  • First Bandsaw machines in Turkey.
    First Double Column Bandsaw Machines.
  • Moving to 3500 sqm factory area.
    Acquire of CE Certificate.
  • First overseas continental export to Australia.
    Moving to 20,000 sqm factory are
  • First export to USA.
    Acquire of ISO 9001 Quality Certificte.
  • Set up of Uzay Europe in Belgium.
    First Vertical Block Cutting Bandsaw Machines.
  • CALIBRA brand bandsaw blades promoted first time
    First Gantry Sawing Machine.
  • First Cross Vertical Sawing Machine.
40th Year
Your, Global  Sawing Solution Partner
Uzay Makina
Uzay Makina as one of the leading machine tool manufacturer in Turkey has been deeply involved in metal cutting business since 1976. We are the first
manufacturer of high quality hydraulic hack and bandsaw machines in Turkey. Uzay Makina has a strong engineering substructure to offer its customers a
complete line of standard and tailor-made products with 40 years experiences in metal cutting technologies. Uzay Makina presents wide range of hacksaw
and bandsaw portfolio; 70 standard catalog machines from simple machine shop saw to 2200 mm capacity saw up to high performan- ce and mass
production saws, numerous configurations and many innovative projects in the market and continues to develop new designs which will capture
excellence in this field. More than 25,000 installed saws show the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our products worldwide. As a
worldwide machine producer Uzay Makina selects the best possible components and technology to guarantee the integrated efficiency of quality,
cutting performance and cost parameters. After sale service supplies spare parts during very long years and supports our customers by
instructions or services at customer’s field. Production facilities and management of company located in trade center of Turkey, in İstanbul.
The company provides all supply chain from R&D, quotation preparation up to after sale services from single source within elite engineers,
experienced machine craftsmen, qualified electricians and assembly specialists. Our first and most important principle is continuous
customer satisfaction and life time service. UZAY Makina keeps its lead position in sector which supported by strict conformity with
the philosophy and procedures of ISO 9001 certification. Valuable ideas come from our customers in steel and aluminum stockholders,
in machine and system manufacturing, in the metalworking industry, in the construction and in the automotive sector. In addition,
customers from different industries, i.e. steel mills, defense, shipyards, railways, schools and research facilities are our power
to develop our R&D facilities. Along these facts we believe that we can carry this valuable company to new generations if we
only depended on being a company with customer focus. With this power we will continue to increase our economy and
support our industry.
Our mission
Being a leader company that keeps open to innovations, looking at the events from a wide angle and to keep customer satisfaction and product acceptance at the highest level and continues to develop customer focused with quality services in metal cutting sector. Adding strength to the Turkish Economy and the Turkish Industrialists, the cornerstone of our existence.
our vision
Being customer-focused, maintaining leadership in the field of activity, ensuring quality, accuracy and stability in service. Our main goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with better quality service. We believe in professional and efficient team work. We are committed to providing honest, fast and quality service. We act according to ethical rules. In order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers, we show maximum effort and work as a team.
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